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Leum Engineering
  Collapsible Wheel Risers

Improve Loading Dock Flexibility

Collapsible Loading Dock Wheel Risers will service different styles of trailers at loading docks utilizing its two-position ramps. Designed to handle standard over the road trailers and custom vehicle heights to eliminate the need for additional dedicated dock positions and static
wheel risers.

Portable Loading Docks

Portable Fork Lift Loading Dock Ramp

Portable Loading Docks are a great solution for leased facilities. The Leum Engineering Portable Ramp adds safe and sturdy operations as an alternative to costly and permanent loading dock construction.  These portable forklift ramps ship complete from our factory, ready for use.
  Dock to Grade Ramps

Improve Access

Access from inside a building to the exterior driveway is easily accomplished with a prefabricated loading dock to grade ramp.  These forklift ramps can be permanently installed with a fixed position ramp or a fully mobile dock ramp that allows the dock position to be used as a traditional loading dock to unload trailers.  A third multi-use feature uses a mobile yard ramp with EOD at the loading dock for access to the outside, however then is easily moved to create a portable loading dock position and a conventional loading dock.

Our dock to ground ramps are built to match the width of the loading dock door to increase the safety of the ramp by eliminating potentially dangerous “drop-off” zones between the ramp sides and the opening. Utilizing open serrated steel grating increases traction for the forklifts as they traverse the grade into the building. 

Our exclusive design for replaceable serrated ramp grating allow simple repair of the traction surface ensuring a long and useful investment.  Per building codes, personnel guardrail is required at heights above 30” which is standard on all our dock to grade ramps along with 12” high solid forklift side curbs.