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940 Series  880 Series  680 Series

Case Palletizers

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Alvey 940 Series Palletizer
Intelligrated's highest speed palletizer, the Alvey 940 Series handles speeds in excess of 200 cases per minute. A single rear infeed simplifies layout and provides continuous in-line flow for high-speed operation with smooth, gentle package handling. The fast-acting, bi-parting plate apron deposits each layer onto the pallet with consistent accuracy. The 940 Series is available with an electrically-operated 4-point chain hoist design or exclusive hydraulically powered ram hoist. The 940 also offers a touch screen graphic interface for easy operation and a built-in stack feed pallet dispenser.

Alvey 880 Series Palletizer
The Alvey 880 Series Palletizer offers a simple, heavy duty design for low maintenance and high reliability. It handles up to 45 cases per minute -- or up to 60 cases per minute with the optional layer accumulation table. A unique graphic touch screen operator interface, which provides set-up and diagnostic information, is conveniently located at platform level. The 880 is sized to accommodate a wide variety of products, tiersheets, slip sheets and pallets.

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Alvey 880 Palletizer Options
The Alvey 880 Series Palletizer is available with the following optional features:
  • Dual infeed to handle up to 90 packages per minute
  • Multi-line controls allow one palletizer to serve several production lines
  • A variety of pallet conveyors for gentle handling of discharged loads
  • Slip and tier sheet dispensers
  • Hoist conveyor for building unitized loads
Alvey 680 Series Palletizer
The Alvey 680 is Intelligrated's new end-of-line palletizer, featuring a convenient low-level infeed. Its compact design and flexible layout configurations fit easily into small, confined areas with low ceiling elevations. The 680 handles speeds up to 25 cases per minute -- up to 40 cases per minute with the optional layer accumulation table. When closely coupled with the production line, the 680 Series eliminates the need for long runs of the package conveyor.

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Alvey 680 Series Palletizer Options
The Alvey 680 Series Palletizer is available with the following optional features:
  • Layer Accumulation Table
  • Slip-sheet dispenser
  • Extra-large frame for oversized loads
  • Powered discharge conveyor

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