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Case Conveyors

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Accumat(tm) Rollerless Accumulation Conveyor
The new zero-pressure Accumat conveyor accumulates product in zones, each equipped with air actuators and controlled by photo eyes. During the accumulation mode, product rests on UHMW rails running the length of the conveyor. The Accumat features a five-inch-wide synthetic belt that can quietly run at 300 feet per minute as well as a 3 1/2" transition point for smoother case transition at the terminal pulleys with fewer chances of jams and less carton damage.

ACCUGLIDE Plus(tm) Conveyor
Featuring an exclusive Intelligrated patented design, the Accuglide Live Roller Conveyor is designed for high-capacity transportation and accumulation of products. Accuglide conveyor's urethane driver allows quiet, zero-pressure accumulation and the economy of powering curves and straight runs from a single drive. High-speed or photo-eye sensors are also available.

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Belt Conveyors
Intelligrated's Belt Conveyors provide powered transportation for a variety of materials and tasks. Standard widths range from 12 to 34 inches, with either roller or slider beds plus metering belts for sortation or palletizing. Incline or decline belt conveyors are available with feeder units, jackknives and upper bends. FKI Logistex also offers a complete line of horizontal trash belt conveyors, stop spacer belts and belt curves. Center or end drives are available.
E-Z Set(tm) Live Roller Conveyor
Offering a patented belt-on-roller design, the E-Z Set Live Roller Conveyor allows easy adjustment of the pressure between the drive belt and the carrying rollers, allowing for "kiss touch" and minimum line pressure. End or center drives, spurs and other accessories are available.

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V-Belt Live Roller Conveyor
Intelligrated's end-driven V-Belt curves are available in 30 degrees, 45 degree, 60 degree, 90 degree and 180degree configurations with extensions up to 12 feet. Other V-Belt products include spurs in 30 degree, 45 degree or 90 degree curves, straight spurs with curves attached and skewed live roller conveyors. Intelligrated also offers transfer driven curves powered from an E-Z Set or belt conveyor.

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