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Pallet & Unit Load Conveyors

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Chain Driven Live Roller
Intelligrated CDLR Conveyors transport pallets, unit loads, bales or drums, (up to 3000 lbs.) operating at speeds of 30 to 90 feet per minute. They feature looped chains from roller to roller to ensure positive drive and allow for easy stop-start operation. Other features include bolted construction, modular layout, side drive for easy maintenance and availability in a variety of widths for specific requirements.

Multi-Strand Chain Conveyor
A reliable, low-cost alternative to roller conveyors, the Multi-Strand Conveyor features bolted construction, a modular layout and heavy-duty #80 chains to handle up to 3,500 pounds. The end drive unit connects the multiple strand chains with a drive shaft and sprocket configuration.

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Pallet ACCUGLIDE(tm)
The pallet Accuglide offers quiet, zero-pressure accumulation and low air consumption. It spaces pallets evenly for product protection and consists of accumulation zones, each equipped with a sensor roller and air actuators which raise and lower the urethane driver. Its reversibility option allows it to be used as a buffer or storage line for added flexibility. The pallet Accuglide features bolted construction and a modular layout.
Air Chain Conveyor
Intelligrated's Air Chain is designed for economical transportation and minimal pressure accumulation of pallet loads. With a load capacity of 5,000 pounds, Air Chain is excellent for transporting pallets with orientations not conveyable by live roller. It also features a modular layout and bolted construction.
Transfer Car
More cost effective than automated guided vehicles, the Intelligrated Transfer Cars offer a flexible method of transferring pallet loads from one conveyor line to another. The cars are adaptable to varying line flow times and have hinged panels for easy access to motor and controls.

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Right Angle Transfers
Intelligrated's Right Angle Transfers provide a gentle transfer of loads from one conveyor to another. The two-strand, pivoting chain is ideal for use with CDLR conveyors and the parallel cam is specially suited for use with roller conveyors.
Pallet Conveyor Allied Products and Accessories
All of the following products and accessories are available from Intelligrated for use with Intelligrated Pallet and Unit Load Conveyors.
  • Turntables
  • Pallet Dispensers
  • Sheet Dispensers
  • Pallet Inspection Stations
  • ASRS/AGV P&D; Stations
  • Pallet Separators
  • Squaring Devices
  • Sizing Stations
  • Escapements
  • Vertical Conveyors

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