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Pflow offers the most complete line of VRCs, vertical reciprocating conveyors, from mechanical to hydraulic to fully automatic, customized systems.

Series FM

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The Safest Vertical Lift
  • The FM Lift has no cables, chains or other components that can break or fail.

  • The FM Lift does not require a rotating cam safety system to prevent unintentional descent of the carriage.

  • Velocity fuses prevent carriage descent in the unlikely event of a total hydraulic hose rupture.

  • Patent pending TruPull design eliminates components that wear out, require lubrication or need regular replacement.

The Series 21: Efficient, Cost-Effective Vertical Material Handling With The Highest Level Of Safety Available In A VRC

  • Hydraulically lifts loads to 6,000 lbs with carriage sizes to 10' x 10', vertical rise to 22', travel speeds to 35 fpm.

  • Features guide columns that are 66% heavier than other vertical lifts on the market and oversized bearings with a life expectancy of over 20 years.

  • Patented DeckLocks automatically lock the carriage at critical upper levels to eliminate carriage drift or bounce.

Series 21

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Series D

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Pflow's Series D Lift
Offers High Quality and Safety, Low Maintenance, Features Exclusive Dual-Pak Design
  • Guided Dual-Pak design has no cables, chains, bearings or other components that can break or require lubrication.

  • Carriage is lifted and lowered by dual 2" ram direct acting hydraulic cylinders.

  • Lifts loads up to 3,000 lbs. Carriage sizes to 6' x 6'. Vertical rise heights to 14'. Ideal for mezzanine and balcony applications.


Automated Special

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