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SpanGuard Safety Barrier     GuardRite Strap Barrier     GuardRite Light Duty Barrier

GuardRite SureStop Barrier     GuardRite Steel Barrier

Barrier Systems for Industrial Guarding Applications


SpanGuard Safety Barrier

Separates and defines
• Large work areas
• Long walkways
• Work Stations
• Interior loading docks

Excellent visibility
• 36“ curtain height
• 48" off floor
• Stops 200 lbs. force
• Minimal deflection
• Clean, aesthetic appearance

Up to 60' clear span
• 30’ and 60’ units
• Easy to install and relocate
• Four anchors per post

GuardRite Strap Barrier System is a unique way to protect large work areas or long walkways in your facility.

Consider this system for areas that are currently designated by only a yellow painted line. It provides an economical, effective visual and physical barrier to help keep people and material handling equipment out of harm’s way.

Straps can span up to 60' between permanently mounted steel posts and can be easily removed for unobstructed access.



GuardRite Light Duty Barrier System is a cost-effective way of separating areas in your facility.
Modular design makes it easy to fit many configurations.

Separates & Defines
• Work Areas
• Walkways
• Storage Areas

Modular Design
• Easy to install
• Adapts to many custom configurations
• Rails can be removable

• Steel columns provide solid support
• 7-inch high x 3-inch wide rails with safety striping provide excellent visibility
• Absorbs incidental impacts and returns to original shape
• Withstands 200 lbs. of force from any direction



The innovative GuardRite Sure-Stop Barrier System is a smarter protection system when it is critical to have a barrier that must stop a fork truck.

The gusseted GuardRite Sure-Stop can stop a fork truck with little or no deflection. The Sure-Stop barrier system can be used as a stand-alone barrier or it can be incorporated into custom installation with other barrier systems, creating a highly visible barrier for pedestrians and material handling equipment.
GuardRite SureStop with GuardRite Light Duty

Separates and protects
• Equipment and work areas
• Personnel areas
• Building walls
• Long rail docks

Modular design
• 18", 24", 36", 48" or 60" lengths
• Easy to install

• 3/4" x 5 1/4" concrete anchors provided

Solid performance
• 8" high 3/16" thick steel withstands the impact of a 10,000-lb. fork truck traveling at 3 to 4 mph
• 3/8" gussets support the steel plate and provide durability and strength

• Safety yellow powder coated paint provide high visibility

• Highest value for many difficult applications

• Unique solutions for are protection problems

GuardRite SureStop
with GuardRite Light Duty

GuardRite Steel Barrier System

The GUARDRITE Steel Barrier System helps prevent forklifts, sweepers and other in-plant vehicles from damaging your facilities or equipment, and injuring your employees; so you can avoid costly downtime, repairs and legal problems.

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