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Industrial Doors

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The FASTRAX.  Help protect personnel and property with the exclusive SOFT EDGE SAFETY SYSTEM.

Here is the safest value in doors today. The FASTRAX High Speed Door from Rite-Hite Doors. Its exclusive Traxion Drive System consistently operates the door at speeds up to 100 inches per second and eliminates the need for counterweights, springs or pulleys. The TRUE Auto Re-feed System automatically guides the curtain back into the track after impact.  Combined with its unique soft bottom design, only FASTRAX gives you the Soft-Edge Safety System.

The FASTRAX FR. Another dimension in safety, durability and cost-efficiency for Cold Storage Applications.

Take advantage of the leading edge in door safety.  Get the FASTRAX FR Freezer Door from Rite-Hite. With its soft bottom and efficient, impactable design, it's the ultimate in door safety. This new door better protects your personnel and property while you increase productivity and minimize maintenance.



Fast horizontal opening answers your overhead concerns.

The unique SplitSecond bi-rolling power door is the ideal design for safety and speed. It opens from the center at speeds up to 120"/second, giving you full height vision and material access instantly. Perfect for high areas.

The FASTRAX CL has all the high speed and performance of the Fastrax  with a total commitment to CLEAN.  This Wash Down Door has it all.  From the upper track to the side frames to the door fabric, every part, every component, every system is engineered for clean environments.  Fewer areas and materials that can trap and hold particles and bacteria.  And everything built for fast, easy, safe thorough cleaning.

We're talking full 360 degree clean.  With full USDA and FDA compliance for design, parts and materials.


BugShield Doors

BugShield Screen Doors by Rite-Hite

The BugShield is a screen mesh designed to block the infiltration of pests into a facility. It is available in either a roll-up model, or a convenient sliding model for wider door-ways. Both doors have these unique benefits:
Keep insects and birds outside the facility

Allow fresh air in for comfort and productivity

Enable light to enter the work area

Improve safety by providing a visual barrier

Deter theft and vandalism

Get the best Breakthrough in Sectional Doors today.

Bottom two (2) panels of Steel-Rite II engineered for unique impactable design

Rugged construction with durable Aketon facing and insulation added to the bottom two panels to provide enhanced impactability

Unique pivoting roller assemblies allow bottom two panels to separate from track upon impact -- simply reset the roller assemblies and the door continues to operate smoothly

Steel-Rite II Sectional

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Impact Doors

Heavy Duty Impact Doors

Impact Doors offer rigid, 3/4" and 1-3/4" thick models made to withstand repetitive use of material handling vehicles.

Our Impact Doors come with a choice of rigid acrylic or galvanized steel facing.

A full perimeter gasket provides maximum sound and temperature control.

Teardrop bumpers ensure long-life performance despite constant use by fork trucks.

We don't supply just strips and hardware. We supply solutions.

Flexible Strip Doors will provide you operation with benefits like energy savings through control of heated and cooled air. Improved working conditions by maintaining ambient temperatures at comfortable levels, keeping out pests while reducing noise levels and increasing productivity and safety.

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Flexible Strip Doors

For information on our complete line of products contact us today and BDI will assist you in any way possible.


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