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Rite-Hite Environmental Enclosures

Tradition of
Quality and Service

Since 1951 Rite-Hite / Frommelt has sold over 500,000 seals and shelters.

Eclipse Dock Shelter

Rite-Hite / Frommelt invented the dock shelter over four decades ago and remains the leader in innovative designs, quality construction and superior performance.

Eclipse Sealing Shelter

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Whether you choose the ELIMINATOR GapMaster or the ECLIPSE, you'll get more weather protection.

The GapMaster design eliminates the hinge gaps on both sides of the trailer--without restricting access--to give you the most effective seal possible.

Eliminate hinge gaps
for a more
effective seal.

Frommelt presents a
significant innovation...
A seal and shelter combination:

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Combining the flexibility of a shelter and the durability of a seal,
the ELIMINATOR has been designed for optimum performance
in almost any dock environment.

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Foam-Fit Dock Pads

The unique shape of RITE-HITE Foam Fit L-Pads combines the effective sealing of foam pads with full access to the back of the trailer. As the truck backs into the unit, the L-shaped side pads flex to form a wiper seal along the sides of the trailer.

An adjustable head curtain seals the top of the trailer. Guide stripes on side pads

aid accurate truck placement. Bottom gussets on the side pads seal out drafts from below.

L-Pads include Armor Pleats of Hypalon coated nylon Super Wear on the ends of head curtains or pads for greater protection against abrasion.

Armor Pleats also are available the full length of the side pads.

RITE-HITE FOAM-FIT dock seals give you three important benefits:

  • More Employee Comfort, keeping wind and weather away.
  • Better Product Protection, preserving valuable inventory.
  • Improved Energy Conservation, cutting energy costs.

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Dock Seals

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