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Dock Levelers
Hydraulic, Air and Mechanical

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SAFE-T-LIP Leveler

Customers have told us they are as concerned about falls from the end of an open dock as they are about falls due to separation of the trailer from the dock. So we developed the SAFE-T-LIP leveler with its solid 5" or 7" high steel barrier. This leveler helps prevent forklifts, carts and personnel from accidentally tumbling off the end of your dock.

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Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Mechanical Dock Leveler

Rugged, easy to maintain leveler
provides safety and reliability.

  • Platform free-fall prevention
  • Full range float
  • Efficient reliable lip control
  • Safer maintenance
  • Personnel protection
  • Restraint compatibility for
    maximum safety

Get push-button convenience
and proven hydraulic reliability.

  • Simple operation

  • Unique, heavy-duty ramp control

  • OPTIMIZER lip control system

  • Easy maintenance

  • SAFE-T-STRUT maintenance
    support system

Safe-T-Strut maintenance support system offers lockout capability to help you comply with OSHA regulations, such as
29 CFR 1910.147

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The DUAL-DOKŪ system provides the advantages of levelers, scissors lifts and ramps without the limitations. Functions as a leveler for servicing trailers from 12" above to 20" below dock level. Changes to a lift at the push of a button, eliminating the part-time inefficiency of standard scissors lifts. Can be used as a ramp without the wasted space and dangerous travel of a fixed ramp.

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Block-Dickson, Inc.
also carries Combined Lift
Leveler Systems

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