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Dok-Lok and Wheel-Lok
Vehicle Restraints

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Rite-Hite now offers four different Dok-Lok trailer restraints, the widest selection available. Each model is designed to increase your dock's productivity and safety. Durable Dok-Lok restraints are built to take the impact of trailers, year after year.

Prevent accidents. This unique, low-cost device attaches easily to the front of your dock. When a truck backs in, a hook mechanism secures the trailer to the dock until the loading/unloading operation is complete. So, there is no trailer creep, no unexpected departures and no separation.

Simple design and operation. Dok-Lok takes advantage of a federal regulation requiring trailers to be equipped with a rear protection device known as an ICC bumper.

As a trailer backs into position, the ICC bumper contacts the Dok-Lok restraint's spring-loaded, welded steel housing. This housing rides down it's vertical channel, allowing the ICC bumper to move over the top of the housing. The hook is then activated, which secures the trailer to the dock.

"Dok-Lok restraints
turn the
Danger Zone
into a
Safety Zone."

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Vehicle Restraints

Wheel-Lok by Rite-Hite stops trucks in their tracks.

Wheel barrier locks high on tires to deliver maximum restraining ability for vehicles with or without ICC bars, including drop-frame trailers and those with lift gates. Resists pulling forces in excess of 32,000 pounds, allowing restraint of virtually any trailer.

Fast, low cost installation; easy maintenance; simple design for reliable long-term performance. All add up to the lowest lifetime ownership cost.

Dok-Lok Inside Control

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Clear communications inside and out. Red and green lights, instantly understood as "stop" and "go", provide clear communication between truck driver and dock personnel.

As the truck driver backs in, he sees a flashing green light at the dock, tell him it's okay to proceed with loading/unloading operation.

Once the trailer is in position and the hook is securely locked, the light signals change. The truck driver now sees a flashing red and the dock attendant sees flashing green.

An audible alarm warns the dock attendant anytime a normal ICC bumper has not been properly secured. Inside and outside lights flash red.

After the operation, the hook is released by the dock attendant. The lights change to green out side, red inside and the truck driver can safely pull away.

Dok-Lok restraints turn the Danger Zone into a Safety Zone.

Dok-Lok Outside Lights

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Instructional Signs

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