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Block-Dickson, Inc.
22 Commerce Court
New Orleans, LA  70123
Phone: 504-734-1500
Fax: 504-734-7908

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Repeat Customers
The only way to have them is to keep them happy and Great Service is the best way we know how.

Our philosophy to DO THE RIGHT THING is never more important than in our SERVICE and INSTALLATION Department. The feedback we receive from our customers is that Block-Dickson, Inc. is "attentive to details", we "do what we say" and we "stay out of their way".

We offer FREE repair estimates as well as DOCK, DOOR AND SAFETY SURVEYS to help our customers maximize productivity and safety. We keep our customers up to date on the UPGRADES and AFTERMARKET PRODUCTS available to keep their equipment operating smoothly and efficiently for lifetimes unsurpassed in the industry.

Block-Dickson, Inc. is very proud of the list of repeat customers we have been able to accumulate over the 70+ years since we began. Repeat customers are SATISFIED customers and satisfied customers are those that receive the SERVICE and ATTENTION they deserve. Through our PLANNED MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS and our prompt service crews, we are able to keep our customers’ equipment operating safely and efficiently to increase their productivity.


Planned Maintenance Programs

Energy Saving Solutions


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